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Regular cleaning of your home's ducts can greatly extend the lifespan of the unit and leave you breathing easier. At Mays Heating and Air Conditioning, we provide top-rated duct cleaning services. For service you can trust, call us now!

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top rated duct cleaning service in Vacaville, CA

In addition to providing full service maintenance, repair and installation service for your HVAC system, Mays Heating and Air also provides duct cleaning services. The ducting in your home can collect allergens and pollutants making it hard for you and your family to breath. Breath easier with clean ducts in your home.

Duct Cleaning

The ductwork in your home is important as it keeps air flowing through your home. However, dirty ducts can push allergens, pollutants, dust and even bad odors through your home. In addition, dirty and unmaintained ductwork could be costing you every month on your energy bill.

Clean ducts are good for you, your family and pets. Duct cleaning can improve the air quality of your home. Call Mays Heating and Air to learn more about the range of our duct cleaning services.

Why Do I Need To Get My Air Ducts Cleaned

Improve Air Quality in Your Home

The number one reason to get your ducts cleaned is to improve the air quality in your home. Ducts circulate whatever pollen, mold, dust and debris is build up in them throughout your home. That means your family is breathing in these allergens and pollutants with every breath they take. You can reduce the risk of these irritants circulating through your home by getting your ducts cleaned.

Increase HVAC System Efficiency

The building up of dust and debris in your ducts can reduce the amount of airflow your system puts out. This reduced airflow can lead to irregular temperature throughout your home which will make your HVAC system work harder to maintain a consistent temperature. As a result, you will see your energy bill climb higher than you'd probably like.

Reduce Fire Risk

Anytime you have an excess of dust and debris in your ducts your are at increased risk of a fire starting. As this debris heats up, it can catch fire! This is a more serious danger in the summertime as ducts tend to heat up. By having your ducts cleaned on a semi-regular basis you can protect your home and family from a fire started from dirty ducts.

Increase HVAC System Lifespan

As we mentioned above, dirty ducts impede the amount of airflow through your home. This causes your system to work harder to maintain temperature. When your system is subject to this strain for an extended period of time, motors and compressors will start to wear out and break and eventually you'll need a whole new HVAC system.

Think you might need an HVAC system repair?

Think you might need to replace your HVAC system?

What do our customers think of our service?

"They were very professional, honest, personable and friendly. Plus, the price was right and it cools and heat the room thoroughly. We definitely recommend you use Mays Heating and Air for all your HVAC needs!"

"Matthew was extremely helpful in helping with my AC issues I had. My house is now amazing. We practically have ice coming out of our vents. We are consistently comfortable!"

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"I called Matt on Saturday evening because my AC unit went out on us. Unfortunately he was out of town, but he recommended I call someone else. I didn't and waited for him until Monday, he was in and out before we knew it and the house was ice cold when I got home from work. THANK YOU MATT!!!"

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Call the HVAC Repair Experts

When your AC isn't cooling, who are you going to call? When you're left in the cold with a broken furnace, who are you going to call?

At Mays Heating and Air Conditioning, our trained, licensed and insured technicians will have you back to living in comfort in no time. Our mission is to earn your business every time we work together by providing your Vacaville home with the highest quality of service at an honest and transparent pricing.

No matter how small or large the repair, calling Mays Heating and Air Conditioning is always the right choice!

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